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 with Karen & Jamie

Vacation & Dance in the Catskills

Jamie and I will be hosting at Scott’s Family Resort in Deposit, NY from October 10th through 13th. Please join us for all or any part of the week.

Find the rates for rooms and activities below.  These rates only apply if booked with us. 

Contact me directly at 410-310-0874 if you wish to reserve space.


Group rates below are based on a per person arrangement and include all taxes, accommodations, meals, golf, scheduled activities, recreation, entertainment and full use of the facilities.


Prices for AA, and A (AA rooms are larger)

AA Rooms:    3 day/4 nights pkg - $421.74       By the Day - $140

A Rooms:      3 day/4 nights pkg  - $388.08       By the Day - $133











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