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Wedding Dance Lessons

Don't be embarrassed at the wedding reception - Come in early and get ready on time!

Our wedding program is designed for everyone -- bride and groom, Mom and Dad, the wedding party, family members and friends – anyone attending the wedding!  2 ways to Learn! Private instruction and group classes. Make your choice below:

#1 - Group Classes    

Tired of sitting at the table during the wedding reception or the reunion party?

Our 90 min. group classes will give you easy moves to make you more comfortable on the dance-floor.  We teach the basics of several dances that can be used for wedding receptions, reunions, parties, night clubs.  Learn how to lead and follow, hold your partner and of course, the "Dip"!


Take this crash course on dancing for social situations and never have to sit again!  

Cost: $15 person for the 90 minute session.

Pre-registration required by online pay below.

For further information or to schedule, call or text 410-310-0874 or email

Wedding Survival - $15/person

Check our google calendar for more information.

 #2 - Private Lessons

Designed for the bride and groom or the parent/child dance.  We can help you to look natural and comfortable when you dance or design something to “wow” your guests! Look at the choices below and choose the one that best fits your situation.

For further information or to schedule, call or text 410-310-0874 or email

​By the Hour
Bring your music and we will help you dance to it comfortably in one or two easy lessons.

Cost: $65 per hour.




Wedding Personal Instruction - $65/hr

We can choreograph something “entertaining” to impress your guests (This takes several lessons and needs to be done well in advance of the wedding date.) 

Cost: Basic package: $240 (4 hours); $60 for each additional hour. Number of hours will vary depending on the complexity of the dancing and your dance experience.

Wedding Personal Instruction Pkg - $240

Wedding Personal Instruction Pkg addl hrs - $60/hr

Wedding private lessons

For more information or to book private time please contact us.

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