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FAQ - Dancing with Karen

How do I get started

How do I get started?

Special Events
Watch for events that feature low cost or no cost admission.


Admission charge is waived when attending your

first DwK monthly dance.


Watch the web site and online calendar for current offerings and more information.


Group Classes
A fun way to get started is to attend our group classes. All classes require pre-registration , no partner needed, and no long-term commitment. Group classes are structured around a monthly, four week block that targets a specific dance and skill level.


Private Lessons
Private lessons are the optimum way to learn. You, or you and your partner, get the individual attention that allows you to advance at your pace and focus on your specific dance needs.


Find out what is available by looking at our class and event calendar.

What should I wear?

Clothing is casual for lessons.


Although never a requirement, some people like to dress up for studio and community dances. Some special events like a Halloween dance may encourage costumes.

Proper shoes are important. You should wear comfortable shoes that will not stick to the floor or come off your feet; slides, flip-flops, etc are discouraged!

Some suggestions for shoes are:

  •  Leather soled shoes with no protruding nails

  •  Ballroom dance shoes

  •  Dance Sneakers

  •  Some students have had good luck going to a shoe repair business and having chrome leather glued to an inexpensive pair of tennis shoes. Chrome leather is the material on the bottom of bowling shoes.

  • In general, tennis shoes are not very good for dancing because they stick to the floor, but for some beginner dances tennis shoes work fine. For dances that turn a lot they are not recommended.

If you want to buy dance shoes, look at our Dance Shoes page for a short list of places that sell dance shoes, dance sneakers, and other dance accessories.

What should I wear
Do I need a partner

Do I need a partner?



During classes, you will learn your part. When both leaders and followers have learned their part, the instructor will ask you try what you have learned with another class participant. Rotating partners is encouraged (but not a requirement), so everyone gets a chance to dance with someone, even if they didn't come with a partner.

Do I need to register

Do I need to register?

Often classes are available for PRE-REGISTRATION. This is an effective way to pay and get discounts on classes.


Occasionally, an event like a guest instructor or special workshop, will require registration and/or pre-payment. Any exceptions should be clearly noted on the web site and promotional materials.

Where can I park

Where can I park?

Plenty of nearby, free parking is available. Go to our Directions & Parking page to get details.

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