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Argentine Tango


Wear shoes that allow you to easily pivot and swivel. Heavy socks would also be fine.

Tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes are not good choices for Argentine Tango.

Argentine Tango
''Skills & Drills"  Level II

This romantic dance is done all over the world!  This Class consists of drills to improve your skills!! With a partner or not you can also learn the basic techniques for Argentine Tango - Balance, walking, leading and following , concepts of movement and how to apply them to dancing. Karen and Jane will present the building blocks to get you started and to move into the next level of dance.

This is not just a pattern class but an opportunity to build the skills needed for upper level learning.

Class continues October 5 at 5 pm.

Introduction to Argentine Tango
Beginner Level

This series will introduce the beginner to the subtle art of Argentine Tango. We introduce you to the history of The Tango, explain the 'whys' of movement and get you started from the beginning.  The more experienced student will be able to refine skills. Join Karen in exploring the joy of Tango. Class starts October 5 at 6:15 pm


Starts Monday October 5

Cost per person: Pre-registration required

 $12 person per lesson/ $10 USA Dance and seniors/$7 student under 21. Purchase the 4 week series on Oct. 5 for $36/person.

For further information or to schedule, call or text 410-310-0874 or email

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